How We Do It
productive creativity

A creative agency with a built-in delivery system.

HIVE wouldn’t have evolved into a ‘full service’ agency without first putting in a structured process that made sure we delivered a full service. 

It needed to make absolute sense to both our clients and our team.

Designed for an enjoyable and collaborative exchange, our process facilitates creative and effective outcomes for our clients.


    First we listen. 

    Understanding the challenge and your objective is vital at this stage. Then we do our homework. Researching your product, where it sits in the marketplace, who your competitors are. Once the research is done we share our findings, to fuel a discussion that will uncover valuable insights - and reveal where the real opportunities lie.

    Then we put a plan into place. A series of stages are recommended, designed to strategically lead to a successful outcome. After all, deliverables and expectations are the reason we do what we do.

    Of course every project is different but we’ve found that a simple path often leads to effective results. 

    • We listen
    • We ask questions
    • We explore
    • We create
    • We deliver

    Always being reactive, efficient and creative is paramount to HIVE. Our systems have been built so we always remain in this mode. HIVE’s technology infrastructure and data management ensures your valuable data is protected in both the short and long term.

    At the same time our process management system makes sure our productivity never flags, planning our work so creatives and developers have sufficient time to focus properly on a task and give it the thought and love it deserves.


    HIVE’s investment into Research & Development has allowed us to create a unique range of solutions that are invaluable to our business – and the business of our clients. We’re proud of the great results this has enabled us to achieve. 

    WAX is our Content Management System and Development Framework- allows you to manage your content, as well as control your user’s experience; whether they’re using their laptop, desktop, table or mobile.

    Our development of 3D visualisation tools and a catalogue, publishing solutions have empowered businesses to take control, giving them an edge in their markets.

    We believe at HIVE that a good solution makes life a whole lot easier.  Find out how a HIVE solution can help your next project fly.