City of Melbourne

Road saftey goes retro

Grogger, a web-based computer game modeled on the popular arcade game Frogger, was designed to raise awareness of pedestrian safety in Melbourne.

The City of Melbourne approached us to rebrand and develop a newer, friendlier and faster version. We upgraded the pixel count, rebuilt the game, upgraded the gameplay and developed iPhone, mobile, web and Facebook app versions.

The difficulty of the project lay in communicating a road safety message to a young, traditionally skeptical target market. We added more elements to the game that were about being careful on the roads, directly exposing more road safety messages to those playing the game.

We ran a competition through the City of Melbourne Facebook page and built a high score database, which was a fantastic success with over 5000 downloads.

Play it now.

Things we made
  • Game
  • Mobile Phone App
  • Facebook App
Using skills in
  • Motion
  • Strategy
  • Digital
  • Design