Henley Website
An award-winning website

We’ve been working with Henley to create an award-winning web presence since 2008.

We knew that if their customers were to fall in love with a Henley house, it would be from the comfort of their own home. With big images and comprehensive floor plans, we enabled users to develop a comprehensive image of what their house might look and feel like.

As their range expanded over the years, the site enabled users to browse the increasingly extensive list of brands and products easily, picking up an award along the way.

The site won The Tribal DDB Award for Best Website in 2008 as part of the MADC awards. The site included an innovative Home Finder, a tool that enables customers to narrow their search using size and price sliders. With 50 homes on offer, we were eager to ensure customers could search for the right home simply and easily.

Things we made
  • Website
  • Web Banners
Using skills in
  • Strategy
  • Digital
  • Design