University of Melbourne

Respect at UoM Open Day

The Challenge

In a time where universities have come under the microscope for campus bullying and assault, the University of Melbourne wanted to know where to focus their efforts to make their campuses safer and more inclusive for all.

They approached Hive with a challenge. To discover what fears and anxieties students had – not from an education standpoint – but on a cultural level.

The Solution

Hive studied a number of ways to gather data on student anxieties. We studied various alternatives and found that public displays were a way to make it fun, draw people in and simultaneously create a large visual statement of solidarity.

Hive developed a short mantra: Respect means understanding.

Hive then coupled this with a sticky note which said “I have the right to...” on one side and “I can support that by...” on the other. This would act as a conduit to help strangers at Open Day express their anxieties, while extending support to someone else.

The final stage was to create an activation. Hive created an unmistakable, giant RESPECT, structure and encouraged students to fill in the sticky notes and put them on display. It was then filmed for a series of videos so the message could be pushed after the activation had come down.

This was designed to show students that they weren’t the only ones feeling apprehensive about university, and that each of us play a vital role in creating a supportive environment. It also allowed us to collate the feedback from students to help the University address the biggest issues.

The Result

From this exercise, the University not only assured prospective students that respect is valued on campus, but also gained an understanding into the concerns of the cohort – being freedom of self expression, freedom of cultural expression, sexual safety and physical safety.

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