Our Purpose

Two simple words guide Hive and keep our work, people and connections flowing like honey.



Sticky sticks in your mind.

Our creative process starts wide open, leaving room for anything and everything to be considered. We then pay special attention to the ideas that stick out, the ones that stay stuck in our minds. 

Whether it's a snappy headline, a strategic brand platform or a carefully crafted distinctive brand asset, we search for the sticky. Because when it comes to brands, sticky stays in people's minds.

And a little goodness goes a long way.

Doing good feels good— it makes us happy and proud of what we're doing and the impact we're creating.  

This has been a driving principle at Hive for over 25 year, and it always will be. We strive to create a small, bustling, (mostly) magical place where caring and creative people come together to be productive, do good work and be happy.

We're at our happiest when our work improves our world. We strive to support organisations that have a positive impact on both people and planet.

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