Austral Lock Heritage Campaign

Brand design
Campaign strategy
Motion design
Digital design

Manufacturing and Melbourne aren’t words you see together a lot these days, but for Austral Lock those words are at the heart of every handle they've been making for over 40 years. An accomplishment worth celebrating, and that’s exactly what was asked of Hive. How can we tell our story to retailers, suppliers and staff?

We started with strategy designed to reflect Austral Lock’s values: security, convenience and trust. This began with a mark added to the logo to celebrate the milestone. 

The next stage of the strategy involved writing and shooting a lead short video, social videos and still photography, inviting the viewer onto the assembly line. These images hero the people that make the handles and their roles in the Austral Lock story, but also demonstrate the process and testing that means you can trust this product to keep your home safe.


Casting a light on an Australian manufacturing success story.