Bucket Boss Branding

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Over time food offerings have evolved to become much more varied. Customers expect a high quality and respond well to unique offerings. In the context of a cinema this presents a unique challenge - how do you provide a value for money, tasty meal that is easy to eat in the dark?

The solution was to fill a bucket with tasty, mouthwatering snacks. Easy to hold, eat and get excited about. We completed research and created a strategy focused on the uniqueness of product, balancing customer curiosity with clarity. This resulted in a name and identity that is playful, fun, and reflects the casual nature of the experience. This was carried through in the photography, which highlighted the irresistible ingredients in each bucket. Menus, posters, online and instore collateral was developed and the brand was launched. It’s proven to be a hit, with thousands of movie lovers making it part of their night out at the cinema.


Pulling a brand out of a bucket