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Most healthcare is reactive, but a huge amount of conditions are much more treatable if found early. Preventative healthcare literally saves lives. 

It was this insight that informed it would become an intelligent one stop service that reminds you about check-ups, books your appointments and connects you with specialists. Essentially, it would become a personal healthcare assistant for you and your family. 

We prescribed a brand that was a quick get, something that felt welcoming and warm but also conveyed it’s point of difference. They say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, and combining that with the idea of ticking things off your list that was the inspiration for our brand mark. The brand was expanded to create a series of flexible and distinctive assets for banners, social and promotion. 

The clever people behind the site are now equipped with the brand tools they need to get partners involved and show the world how simple preventative healthcare can be with the right help. 


Helping take the hassle out of healthcare.