Gainsborough 2023 Style Guide

Creative strategy
Creative direction

Already established and trusted for high quality door hardware in the building sector, Gainsborough sought to create the same level of appeal with design professionals and consumers.

Research showed potential Gainsborough customers are facing a dilemma – choosing the  right door handle that suited aesthetic and practical needs was becoming an increasingly overwhelming experience. This was true for both design professionals at the specification stage, and for renovators when standing in the busy, saturated aisles at Bunnings. The challenge was how to make all aware that Gainsborough handles are as style conscious as they are well made. 

Understanding that design is valued just as much as quality, the first step was to reposition Gainsborough products as trend friendly. 

We assembled an expert team to help inform and evolve the product photography, provide trusted insight and maybe teach some old finishes a few new tricks. This team included Interior Designer Jenni Robin, whose extensive knowledge was drawn upon to balance finishes with design trends, and help customers to see the value and flexibility cast into every Gainsborough handle. 

These design focused images, words and recommendations would be assembled into a Style Guide to placed in Bunnings, and also expanded to advertising in Vogue Living and other design centric publications.

The result is a sophisticated series of images that increase Gainsborough's consideration in those crucial planning phases of builds, specifications and renovations. 


Showing customers that quality and style go hand in hand.