Leica Biosystems: BOND-PRIME Workflow Video

Video Production
Time Lapse
Set Design

At Leica Biosystems, a team of skilled scientists and engineers developed the BOND-PRIME, a machine that automates the testing and staining of sample slides. A process used in pathology labs and hospitals, it results in accurate and efficient diagnosis of the patients being tested, without the lab technicians having to be too hands on. The improvement in laboratory workflow was portrayed best over a 24 hour period, a fact Leica was keen to highlight in a day-in-the-life promotional video.

The Hive crew was bought in to help create the video and solve the technical and budgeting difficulties of showing a 24 hour process with an 8 hour filming window. Using real data from a working technician, a detailed storyboard was developed and discussion began on production.

Time lapses were planned to help show the passage of time quickly and the set was developed to allow seemless edit points. Repeat actions across the lab-tech’s work day were identified, breaking up the shoot into usable puzzle pieces of video that could be arranged and rearranged in the edit to craft a full work day. Detailed maths determined the frame rate and time required for time lapse shots and the runsheet was planned accordingly.

Once the edit was assembled, on screen animations were applied, colour refined and the video was complete. It's now out in the world, encouraging more scientists to discover the joys of BOND-PRIME.


Giving scientists the gift of time.