Two beer glasses display the Roc's Social logo

Roc’s Social Brand

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The ritual of going to the movies goes hand and hand with spending time at surrounding venues to enjoy food, drinks and good company. Village Cinemas identified an opportunity to provide customers with a series of immersive, welcoming venues where they could go to catch up with the people close to them while enjoying quality food, drink and entertainment.

We were brought in at inception, to help shape what the venue might become and what it could offer patrons. A brand and strategy was developed that encouraged crafted food, drinks and togetherness, away from the distractions of modern life. 

Roc’s Social was created on the foundations of a visual language that is flexible and dynamic, adding to the timeless vibe. This is all wrapped up with a playful tone of voice, food packaging and exciting interior design (with murals painted by our very own Caino). With the success of the first two venues, a third unique venue has been earmarked to open in the future.

Painted murals at the restaurant bathrooms
The new logo signage is displayed outside the bar

Putting quality time back on the menu.

Internal view of the new restaurant/bar.
Poster layouts display the new brand elements.
Branded coffee cup mockups.
The new drinks menu.