St. Kilda Film Festival Event Brand

Art Direction
Event Identity

A long running and well known film festival, the SKFF is a mainstay on the Australian film scene. But, like so many in the entertainment industry, they faced a new challenge post covid. The pandemic had changed the way the event worked and was enjoyed. 

The new director wanted this year’s theme to reflect the way the event had suddenly evolved and shifted, hoping to embrace and reflect these changes visually. He wanted a little more grit, and to connect to the more adventurous film section. The challenge was how to best capture this idea of unexpected and uncontrollable change without losing the edge that the festival had spent years honing. 
The older members of Hive were reminded of design school days, playing with photocopiers, illustrations and scanners. The team got to work experimenting and sliding the SKFF logo across the glass, letting process take the wheel, bending and warping without control. Literally using unexpected movements to interrupt the graphic elements. With the copiers running hot, hundreds of different options were created.

This process yielded a suite of ‘interrupted’ graphics, used across the rollout to give the campaign a feeling of being alive. Each application felt unique, and it gave the modest advertising capabilities some real punch. The system was supplied as a toolkit, with all the ingredients needed for the festival to make its mark. With media placements across both street poster and digital spaces, the campaign really did mark a transition into tomorrow for the campaign in every respect.


Finding an unexpected angle for a favourite Melbourne film festival.