New brand elements are displayed on a brochure cover.

Sustainability Victoria Brand

Brand strategy
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Sustainability Victoria aims to create a sustainable future for all Victorians. They empower us all to live more sustainably and understand our precious resources. The problem was that no one really understood who Sustainability Victoria was and what they do for our world. 

Over time the brand had grown organically, without any real strategy. It needed a restructure to bring order and attention to the design system. A master brand strategy was decided as the way forward and developed. This was complete with tools, graphic systems and a brand structure that gave clarity, lit the path ahead and made sure Sustainability Victoria stays in the conversation. 

A more sustainable future is something we all need to strive toward, and this new brand structure means more will know where to go for the right information to make the world a better place.

Open brochure shows brand elements and imagery.
Computer screen shows pages from the brand guidelines.
A mixed selection of brand posters.

Better brand strategy and systems for a brand creating a better world.  

Open brochure shows brand elements and imagery.
Open brochure shows brand elements and imagery.
Campaign flyers.