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Sustainability Victoria: Community Action Videos

Video Production
Creative Direction
Motion Graphics

Sustainability Victoria play a huge role in empowering the community through sustainable projects. This work, while positive and great for locals, often goes unnoticed. They engaged Hive to document a selection of the projects their programs helped actualise, the great results and the people involved.

A series of seven videos and an image library was developed. They focused on the achievements of the followings programs:

  • Community Climate Change and Energy Action Program
  • Community Power Hubs
  • Detox Your Home
  • Circular Economy Communities Fund 

After conducting extensive interviews with local community groups, a story for each program was developed. This allowed us to really get to know the projects, who was involved, what they did and how we could best showcase it. Production extended across Victoria, capturing inspiring stories from Geelong to Mallacoota, and everywhere in between. We travelled with crew to each location, dealing with everything from swooping magpies to show-stopping storms.

As well as being used within their Community Action campaign, these videos highlight Sustainability Victoria as a trusted partner for Victorian communities. The stories captured demonstrated the importance of local action and how, with Sustainability Victoria's grants, capability building and investment facilitation, people can take the power into their own hands.

From here this series will inspire further action in the community by highlighting Victoria’s grassroots sustainability movement and how it is contributing to Victoria’s circular, climate resilient economy.

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Celebrating the power of community.

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