Tourist holds up a campus map outside a historic building.

University of Melbourne: Campus Maps

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History rich, the University of Melbourne campuses have played host to a range of unique and nation-shaping events. The University wanted a way to unlock all this information and share it with students, while also encouraging tourists and visitors to experience the campus. With the main campus the size of a small suburb and growing, there was a lot to consider.

After much research, it seemed a well designed folding map would offer the portability, flexibility and engagement needed. A playful illustration style was used to capture the landmarks, architecture and stories in a way that is clear, but also fun and encourages exploring. 

Printed and placed around campus, in tourist information centres and in the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle, the maps sparked an overwhelming response. All maps were taken within a few weeks. Visitors have increased to the campus and students pin them to college walls. The maps continue to be reprinted, ensuring more know about the weird and wonderful university campuses. 

Campus maps are layed out on a table.

Drawing attention to an icon of education

Section of the map illustration, displaying the Parkville campus