Campaign image of students with biological systems painted on their bodies..

University of Melbourne Discover Campaign

Motion Production
Campaign Strategy
Marketing Collateral

Students from rural Victoria represent about 30 per cent of the total student population, but far fewer go on to attend university. The University of Melbourne approached us to help raise awareness in rural communities of their health courses. The goal was to show future students that the dream of studying health subjects at Australia’s best university was as achievable for them as it is for students from the city.

We completed research and strategy for the campaign, identifying how we could really connect with new students. A shoot was planned showing a “day in the life” of each of our hero students, giving prospective students a sense of what their time at university could look like. We then set about turning their “insides out” with body paint. While they were being transformed, we let them tell their personal stories about moving to study and what they learned along the way.

The campaign achieved over 44,000 unique views on Facebook and saw a 2226% increase in MDHS video plays from the previous campaign.

Still frame of director speaking to campaign talent.
Campaign poster displayed at Melbourne tram stop.

Revealing another side of health at Melbourne University.

Campaign billboard displayed on a busy street.