University of Melbourne: Respect Activation

Brand strategy
Activation concept
Graphic design
Film production
Print production
Data processing

In a time when universities have come under the microscope for campus bullying and assault, the University of Melbourne wanted to know where to focus their efforts to make their campuses safer and more inclusive for all.

We were engaged to research, discuss and understand what fears and anxieties students have about campus culture.

Surveys are great, but not always fully reflective. This needed to be easy to participate in and encourage an honest response. We landed on an activation at Open Day that would encourage a big response and broad sample. Students that visited the activation were given a two part post-it note, on the left they could present their issue, and then answer another student’s issue on the right. This encouraged support, understanding and openness for each other. 

The post-its were placed on a large 3D word spelling respect, symbolic of them forming part of the solution. With hundreds of responses, the activation helped make the campus more in tune with what was important to the students.