Unscene Film Festival Brand

Brand identity
Sound production
Marketing collateral

Australia’s emerging film talent is immense. Upcoming directors, actors and writers are using creative ideas to create some amazing stories. Unscene was created as a way to engage these emerging creatives and excite the industry about the next generation. 

We were asked to name, visualise and bring to life Unscene with an identity that got attention and excited the target audience of young film-makers. The result was an identity that tapped into the emotions that film offers and it’s ability to shift from one to another without warning. 

We took an analogue approach, projecting emotions back onto the same face and filming the results. Combined with a custom soundscape it became a powerful piece that would appeal to film makers, but also demand attention from all who saw it. Now an annual event, Unscene is a go-to for upcoming film-makers wanting to step into the spotlight.


A film festival identity that demands attention.