Village Cinemas: 4DX Brand Awareness

Brand strategy
Brand identity

Movies have always experimented with the audience experience. 4DX takes that idea to the extreme. A cinema equipped with seats that roll, shake, spray water and scents in line with the action on screen, and it was coming to Village Cinemas. Our challenge was to convince an audience who have never seen this before to strap in and give it a shot. 

The best way to do that was to simply show them. Show them that each of the elements adds to the experience, sending them deeper and deeper into the film. A 30 second ad was developed that did just that, transitioning normal movie fans to fighter pilots. 

Legitimate flight suits were sourced and a rig was built for the chairs movement (as the cinema was under construction). With special effects, lighting and a custom Dolby 5.1 soundscape, the result is an exciting teaser that gets the blood pumping.


Convincing the audience to put themselves in the picture.