Village Cinemas Brand Evolution

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Creative direction
Tone of voice 

Village Cinemas has been a leader in Australian cinema, film and entertainment for over 70 years. And with a brand that had been in market for almost a decade, it was time to look to the next act. 

Over that decade a lot had changed. The brand had diversified into bars, food production and other areas of entertainment with many sub brands under their guidance. Social media had become a huge force in marketing, and of course, the pandemic. In response all these challenges, the brand needed to demonstrate ownership over its subs, step back into the spotlight and move forward as one entity. 

Hive helped strategise, test and reorganise these entities into an endorsed house of brands. Village Cinemas clearly positioned at the top, as a trusted custodian of each of these experiences and products. 

With the structure taken care of, looking at the brand itself was the next challenge. The previous positioning was one of special experiences, and while still relevant we felt it needed to open a little and let the movies be fun again. The movies is still a place for a planned first date, but also a last minute option on a Saturday afternoon for a bit of excitement. And with the brand’s focus on providing different ways to enjoy a movie, “More than a movie” was the perfect fit. 

This adjustment to positioning was expanded into a brand narrative that embraced this uptick of energy and life. Hive developed the V shapes, building a distinctive graphic device out the Village Cinemas logo and building on the equity already in play. The V Shapes were brought to life with bespoke motion design. Colour palettes, photography and tone were also energised. Typography was reworked to support a greater range of messaging, from punchy and clear to fun and playful. The last co-star added to the cast was an expansion to the graphic device that would help us create price focused offers easily and in line with the brand. This masterstroke allows the brand to use almost any graphic from film to icon, without losing control over the outcome. 

Lights, camera, action! The screenplay filled with energy, movement and flexibility came to life, resulting in a brand overhaul that sets up the cinema to shine brightly today and into the future. 


A big vision for a brand all about the big screen.