Village Cinemas Gifting Campaign

Creative Strategy
Video Production
Creative Direction

Throughout the year there are many moments to celebrate, and enjoy time with the people that mean the most to us. With research showing that going to the movies was the most anticipated out of home experience for customers in the past year, we developed a creative strategy and campaign that would build awareness of Village Cinemas movie gifts as the perfect, more thoughtful solution for events, holidays and throughout the year.

Our strategy centered on reframing the idea of a gift card being seen as a thoughtless, easy gift, and instead reminding people that a Village Cinemas gift card comes loaded with limitless thoughtful experiences and moments.

To achieve this, we captured all those authentic moments that make a movie meet-up special. From those cinema treats to long-awaited time out together, we demonstrated that when you give someone a movie gift, you’re giving them so much more than a movie. 

The result was a strong campaign spread across four phases: Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and an Always On version that runs all year for any occasion. All four phases are connected by a singular thought that customers will be able to recognise and relate to all year round, reminding movie lovers that a Village Cinemas gift card should be the first thing they think of for any occasion.


Giving the gift of time together.